Hi friends! I’m back from a pre-Spring Break vacation!

Okay, well I didn’t really go anywhere, but I took a long weekend away from most of my day-to-day responsibilities to indulge myself and recharge my batteries (oh, and it was my birthday yesterday, so I decided the entire weekend preceding was mine for the taking). 

Spring Break starts next week, you see.  Most people look forward to the reprieve, but if any of the past school holidays have been any indicator, it just means a whole week home with both of my boys who will be turning 4 and 6 at the end of Spring.  They are great kids and I love hanging out with them, but our house seems to get proportionately smaller with each day we spend cooped up inside it all together.  It has been a long Winter and with last week’s teasing with 60° weather followed by several days of rain/sleet/snow we are all plunged hopelessly into the vice-grip of Spring Fever.

Like you may have read in earlier posts, I have a lot going on pretty much all of the time. I’m not so great at prioritizing all the time, but I’m still pretty dang good at rationalizing and making excuses.  I will admit, with a heavy dose of chagrin, that I have not been as dedicated to this project for what it started out to be.  Although, in all fairness, I haven’t dropped the ball entirely, and have still been focusing way more time and energy on all aspects of this part of my life- the sketches, the finished pieces, the business end, the blog, the networking, etc. It just isn’t following the original goal I have set, but still certainly falls within some boundary etched in shades of grey, right? …Or am I rationalizing again?

Anyway, I digress. I had an amazing weekend, all 5 ½ days of it. I am ready to dive back into this craziness I call my life, pouring a little bit more of my soul onto some canvas, chasing the tornadoes that are my boys, catching the rest of the pieces of my life as they fling by, and just doing my best in the midst of my happy mess.