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Party with us… we bring the studio to you!

Now specializing in large events, corporate retreats, and school arts supplementation.  

No experience? No problem!

 “But I can’t even draw a stick figure!”  That’s okay! (we won’t paint stick figures)

The paintings we do have are designed by a professional artist for success at every skill level as we lead you through the painting step-by-step.

Special needs adaptive services are available.

What’s included?

We bring all the necessary supplies for the project, you just provide refreshments and table space/seating for our workspace.

Spray paint parties must be outdoors, we will provide the tables.

Your instructor is always on hand to help set up and leave your space looking like we were never there–except for the fantastic artwork!

customize your event

We are happy to work with you to meet the needs and goals of your special event. Fully insured for on- and off-site events

Scalable events tailored for groups from 15 to 50.

Need to entertain kids? We offer age appropriate activites for ages 3 to teen.

More than just painting…

If you’re looking for a more in-depth experience, visit our corporate events page to learn about bringing creative literacy into your workplace to enhance team cooperation, leverage divergent thinking and foster innovation for a vibrant and competitive organization.

 STE(A)M: art in education

Incorporate art and creative literacy into your classrooms as a strategy for success and compliment any STEM curriculum as it deepens critical and creative thinking. Training available for students and/or educators/administrators to enhance innovation in the classroom from Kindergarten through College.  

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