Party with us… we bring the studio to you!

Simply pick the painting that fits your style, then schedule with one of our professional instructors, invite your friends,
and we’ll bring all the tools of the studio

– you only need to provide seating and refreshments of your choice.

No experience? No problem!

 “But I can’t even draw a stick figure!”  That’s okay! (we won’t paint stick figures)
The paintings we do have are designed by our team of professional artists for success at every skill level as we lead you through the painting step-by-step.
Additionally, we keep our group sizes smaller than most other painting party businesses to ensure everyone gets a high quality experience.
Special needs adaptive services are available.

What’s included?

We bring all the necessary supplies for the project, you just provide refreshments and table space/seating for our workspace.

Spray paint parties must be outdoors, we will provide the tables.

Our instructors are always on hand to help set up and leave your space looking like we were never there–except for the fantastic artwork!

Want to party for free?

As our Thank You for hosting a party, when you book your own adult event, your painting is absolutely FREE!

As for your guests, pricing is based per-person* and ranges from $25-$50 for adults depending on the type of pARTy you choose.

Kids parties are not included, but they start at just $10 a painter!

Coming December 1, 2016 you will now have more ways to
pick the party that fits your style!

Customize your party according to time, canvas size, painting style, and price.
Here’s a breakdown of the upcoming options:

Pop Art Party

Pop art parties are ideal for large events, or parties where socializing is just as important as painting. These paintings offer customizable color options and fewer instructions.
  • Choose the painting for your party
  • Two size options (11×14 or 14×18)
  • 1½ – 2 hour party from setup to cleanup
  • Choose your own color scheme
  • Suitable for kids to paint along with an adult
  • Fun, professional instructor

Fine Art Party

Fine art parties are tailored for parties who not only want to have a fun painting to take home, but pick up some techniques and art fundamentals from professional artists.
  • Choose the painting for your party
  • 11×14″ wrapped canvas
  • 2½ – 3 hour party from setup to cleanup
  • Learn elements of art fundamentals, painting technique, and color theory
  • Learn from a local professional artist!