How do I schedule a pARTy?

Have you met an Artist to instruct your party yet?

If so, contact them directly by phone, email [firstname]@artpartyboise.com, or via our online scheduler


How much does a pARTy cost?

•In-home parties for adults range from $25 to $45 per painter
•Kids parties start range from $90-$150 for an 8 painter package, additional painters are $15/ea
•Spray Paint parties are $20 for kids, $35 for adults. This includes two paintings.


Is there any additional cost for the kids pARTy?

Nope. We like to keep things simple, straightforward, and affordable.


Are my online payments secure?

All card payments are processed through Square, you can read their Buyer Agreement here. They encrypt your data the moment it’s entered and your payment total and contact information are the only things shared with or stored by us.


How long does a pARTy take?

In-store parties typically take two hours, including time to mingle and explore the hosting shop.
In-home parties last, on average, 3 hours. This varies depending on the size of the group, how much “liquid creativity” is consumed, and how much you enjoy hanging out with your friends. It’s always best to check this with your party host(ess).

Kids parties are 90 minutes-2 hours. Again, this depends on the size and age of the group, and the age-appropriate level of painting. This includes set-up and clean-up, and drying time.


What are the Artist’s qualifications?

Since the Muse calls to us differently, each of the instructors came into their talent in a unique way, through a combination of formal arts training and tireless devotion to their personal practice. As active members of Boise’s vibrant Arts community, one thing is certain– we are all dedicated professionals actively pursuing our passion. In addition, all instructors are vetted through a three-step interview process.


 I can’t make it to the pARTy I registered for, can I get a refund?

Refunds and credits will be honored for cancellations made up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled event. Any full or partial refunds, or credit for future services for no-shows or cancellations within 24 hours of the event are at the sole discretion of the instructing Artist.


 I have some of my own supplies, should I bring them?

We love that you have the tools at home to keep painting! Since your registration already includes the cost of supplies, and our paintings are tailored specifically for the colors and brushes your instructor will have on hand, go ahead and save those supplies for when inspiration strikes!