Taking a break for a quick update!  Life has been blowing by full speed lately.  Summer ended, kids’ school started, we decided to buy a house and are in the middle of that process right now (we are in the “bank limbo” stage… all this waiting is killing me!), my painting parties are off with astonishing success, and I’m excited to be working with a local business to offer painting classes on a weekly basis in their space as well.  *whew!* that was exhausting just to type.  Oh, and 5 hours of dance rehearsal for me and kiddo for our big recital this weekend.  Am I missing anything else? (probably).  Oh yes, add in the smattering of concerts, birthday parties, other family events, and a  round of the stomach flu.

Did I tell you we’re planning a weeklong vacation next month?  I can’t wait.  …..what’s that?  our closing date on the house might get pushed into the middle of our vacation?  *sigh* At this rate, I may not even survive long enough to go on vacation.

I have been working on a few other projects as I can.  Here is a sample as well as a photo from the last party I did where we took an Autumn landscape and abstracted it.  And I am loving my new venture so much, I might add.  Nothing like feeling like you’ve not only found a path, but to also be the one who is building the trail.  A big thanks to my husband, my parents and his, all the lovely ladies having parties, and to everyone else who has ever believed in me.