Valentine’s day gets a bad rap. It’s the holiday that people love to hate. Yes, it’s overly commercialized, but that’s not even newsworthy when most people are still paying off Christmas.  The road to finding love can undoubtedly be long and lonely, but that doesn’t mean that True Love™ is the only reason to celebrate.  Love your family, love your friends, love your neighbors…. and love yourself.  I feel that time is better spent doing that instead of searching for The One, or resenting those who simply have Someone. Plus, loving life is sexy.

These are the digital Valentine’s I made as my art project yesterday:


I didn’t get flowers. The only card I got was from another girl. I didn’t get all dressed up or make reservations at a fancy restaurant. I didn’t get a sitter for my kids. And I had one of the best Valentine’s Days ever.  I spent my day with the three most important boys in the world, laughing at a kid’s movie, eating in a small quiet Chinese restaurant, and then jumping around a bounce house until we were all sweaty and half sick. We took time out of our crazy days of school days, work days, long nights, short tempers, and general busyness to focus on what really matters- our quirky, funny little family and everything that makes us that way. Even if it takes a commercial holiday to make it happen, I’ll take it. The world needs to hurry a little less and love a little more.

Until next Valentine’s Day….