20 January, 2012

girl in raincoat, study 2

Part 2 of my studies for my blossoming Girl in Raincoat series! I don’t know why I have become so enamored with her and the concept I have going behind it, but I feel like it is coming from a place inside of me that I haven’t visited in a while.

We bid bon voyage to my husband’s brother, to whom I am very much a “big sister.”  He is off to Prague, in the Czech Republic, until the end of Spring.  It is definitely bittersweet seeing off someone who is a part of our everyday life, but it is a great opportunity for him, and an adventure a long time coming.
This particular sketch is serves also an allusion to the emotions and events of the day–  joy tinged with longing, change and impermanence, and the pull of wanderlust that speaks to the child-like adventurer in all of us.