Here’s to new beginnings,
bittersweet ends,
Living, and loving, and laughing with friends.
Here’s to days ahead,
hopeful and free,
Dreaming, and reaching, and daring to be.


Day 1 drawing, pencil and ink, in my sketchbook (8.5x11)

This was originally going to only be lettering and text.  It was strange to use pencil to sketch, I find that I have come to approach things more in a manner suited for charcoal.  I free-handed the lettering and (with some inspiration) created the font that I used for the letters in ANEW.

The flourish above the poem I wrote, was the first flourish I have ever drawn. They have always been insanely intimidating and challenging to me for some reason.  I’m sure a “flourish study” will be one of my projects this year.