This is a sketch I did as a preliminary for a painting that I am working on. It is a pretty quick, rough sketch, so please look at it with a forgiving eye.

Tiger Lilies are the symbol of wealth, pride, and prosperity.  I had an amazing 24 hours getting to know some musicians/artists that were traveling through town, and it has done nothing but affirm to me the idea that if you carry yourself with pride and do work that you can take pride in, wealth and prosperity will follow.  Read that how you may– and as much as I would love to have lots of money– that is not what defines wealth or prosperity to me.  I live modestly, but don’t consider myself “poor” or lacking in wealth.  I have a meaningful relationship with my Self, and to the people and things I surround myself with. My life is filled with love and happiness, and I certainly don’t suffer for want of basic material necessities. I work hard, proudly, for my simple existence, and in that simplicity, I have found abundance.

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8 March, 2012

Tiger Lily, study