A love letter to my customers, artists, and friends:

I am writing to let you know that the chapter of my life that was Art Party Boise is coming to a close. I have felt this change coming for a while, yet held on tightly because the last 5 years have been the most incredible, transformational, challenging and rewarding time in my life.

I want to thank the artists who walked along side me on this path as fellow instructors, blending my vision with their passion, and without whom, I never would have gotten this far. I have a deep, heart-felt gratitude for the time, energy, and care they put into creating art and creating experiences for our customers.

To everyone who welcomed us into your home, please know I hold a special place for you. By trusting and believing in me, you helped me believe in myself. I want you to know that I left a small piece of my heart and soul in each painting that I made and taught– my gift to you. I’ve cuddled babies, steadied the hands of great-grandmas, and watched with pride as every painter in between has made something where once only a blank canvas rested. To be welcomed into hundreds of homes, to connect with thousands of people, and to be treated as a friend is something that I will always carry with me.

My bigger vision since the beginning has been to reach more people, to do more, to help you all connect with your creativity and play my role in shaping the future I want to see for my children and yours, where the unlimited potential of the human imagination is actualized. Some of you may know that I’ve been working on developing a new method of reaching people and teaching creative literacy, and the time has come where I need to focus my energy on putting it out into the world in the biggest and best way I know possible. That project is called Illuminary.

But I couldn’t just walk away from you all and the Art Party life entirely! I am working diligently to put together a platform called Art Party Online that will allow you to still follow along with my paintings in video format—so you can access them on your own schedule—and combine that with an online forum inside Facebook that will let me do live videos and be there to give you guidance and cheer you on along the way! In the mean time, Art Party Boise will still be available for large corporate events and school enrichment on a limited basis.

So, with butterflies in my stomach and love in my heart, I am adding the finishing touches and embracing the imperfections on this masterpiece, so that I may move onto the next.

Peace, Love, & Paintbrushes,