Portraits have always been something I’ve struggled with.  I am well versed in the proportions of the human face, and think I can draw them well. My weak point, however, is making them resemble anyone specific.  I have yet to develop an eye for that je ne sais quoi, the distinguishing factor that really captures the essence of an individual.  Admittedly, I have not put too much time or effort into honing that skill either, but certainly something I want to work on this year.

27 February, 2012

Today's Headlines

These are all headlines from Monday, the 27th, but they could’ve been from pretty much any day this year. I have a very hard time rationalizing the atrocities on a basic civil and humanitarian level, across borders and religions, wrapped in “democracy” and “freedom.”  More and more I am thinking dear Mr. Lennon had it right…