Well, it’s been two weeks and a few days since I last added a post.  Those two weeks have felt like a month, so crammed with everything life could throw at me! (except any illnesses, thankfully!) My wonderfully hard-working husband got a promotion, but in the transition ended up putting in a nearly 70 hour work week, followed immediately by a business trip.  And, as luck would have it, both of my boys had fundraisers on the same day, the weekend in between, which I of course was obligated to be involved with.  Spring was also busy getting underway, so I had to jump on the few sunny days we had to get work done in the garden and reign in my dandelion patch yard.  Don’t worry, artwork definitely had its place in the mix, (I have been working on two commissioned pieces!) but something had to give, and it was my online presence… I’ve got some time to make up for so be on the look out for a few new posts with some exciting news to pop up in the coming days, I didn’t abandon you, I promise!

Have you ever felt this way?

A Full Plate; or, Not Enough Hours in a Day